Delhi govt starts spraying bio-decomposer in farmlands for free to curb air


In an effort to reduce air pollution, the Delhi government on Monday, October 11, started start spraying free bio-decomposer solutions in farmland. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai initiated the program at his farm located in North Delhi’s Fatehpur Jat village as he sprayed the bio-decomposer created by the ICAR- Indian Agriculture Research Institute (Pusa). The initiative is focused to decompose the stubble on the farms and eliminate another factor that chokes Delhi during the winters.

This year, the application received by the environment department demanded 4000 acres to be sprinkled with the decomposer, while in 2020, 2000 acres of land was sprinkled. Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that the farmers can avail the benefit of bio-decomposer by registering themselves on 96438 44287. 

Further commenting on the success of the program Rai said that farmers are very excited about the performance of bio-decomposer and so the number of farmers registered for the initiative has doubled compared to last year in Delhi. 

Pollution and winters in Delhi

The AAP Minister informed about the factors that contribute to pollution in winters including dust from construction sites, roadside dust, vehicular pollution. He said the anti-dust campaign, green war room are some of the initiatives taken by the government to curb air pollution. He further recommended other states adopt his program and provide bio-decomposer for free to encourage farmers to use the same. 

Giving detailed information on the need for bio-decomposers, Rai said that the pollution in Delhi is observed to be increasing with winters approaching. Some of the factors that influence the rate of air pollution in Delhi include dust, garbage burning, vehicles, and biomass bu the most crucial problem is stubble burning. And to curb the smoke of burnt stubble that starts from the Punjab and Haryana regions and then reach Delhi, bio-decomposers are sprinkled on Delhi farms. Later, the decomposed stubble can be converted into healthy compost to increase the soil cultivating capacity.

Gopal Rai informed, “This year, the Delhi Government has decided to sprinkle twice as much decomposer on more farms in Delhi be it, Basmati Paddy or Non-Basmati Paddy that are being harvested by carbines”. 

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